Yanmar engines power Maine lobster boats

By Becky Schultz29 November 2022

The 50 ft. Mattie & Ayva (shown) and 47 ft. KGB lobster boats are powered by an 803 hp Yanmar 6AYEM-ET marine diesel engine. (Photo: Yanmar America)

Yanmar America has completed installations of marine diesel engines in two Maine lobster boats, the 50 ft. Mattie & Ayva (Wesmac 50) and the 47 ft. KGB (Libby 47), both based out of Bucks Harbor, Maine. The Mattie & Ayva is a new vessel while the KGB has been repowered with the new engine.

Both vessels utilize a Yanmar 6AYEM-ET diesel rated 803 hp (599 kW) at 1900 rpm. The turbocharged, intercooled engine features six inline cylinders with a bore x stroke of 155mm x 180mm and 20.38 L displacement. Advanced engine control technology minimizes NOx emissions without compromising power. Careful control of fuel injection pressure within the common rail direct injection system reduces CO2 and NOx emissions, said Yanmar, allowing the vessel to meet IMO Tier II and EPA Tier 3 regulations.

Yanmar’s 6AYEM-ET marine diesel engine. (Photo: Yanmar America)

The vessels are part of a Maine lobster boat fleet that continues to grow in size and complexity. Modern vessels incorporate hydraulic haulers, bottom depth sounders, radar and GPS, with power requirements growing accordingly. Yet, the lobstermen still insist on a powerplant that is both “clean” and fuel efficient.

“More and more owners are looking at the Yanmar engine as a way to increase the power of their vessel without compromising on reliability or fuel efficiency,” said Peter Powell, Yanmar America account manager, who participated in the commissioning and sea trials of both vessels. “The lobster boat and license are something that these operators will likely be passing on to their kids, so they’re looking for a reliable, long-term investment.”

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