Wheel Drives For AG Machinery At Agritechnica

By Roberta Prandi08 November 2019

The Agritechnica 2019 show is almost opening its doors in Hanover, Germany. It starts on Sunday 10 November with a press and VIP day and will end on Saturday 16.

Bonfiglioli, a specialist in gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters, has announced a couple of products that will be showcased on its booth at the show (in Hall 15, F34) the 600 Series and 600 WT wheel drives.

The 600 Series is a specific compact-design solution for wheeled off-road machinery. These drives feature a negative multi-disk parking brake and an optional disengagement device to tow the vehicle in case of emergency. The torque range of the series is from 3,000 to 85,000 Nm in twelve different product types. Gear ratios go from 4.3:1 to 153:1.

The input speed can reach up to 4,000 r/min and different motor types can be used: cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors, flanged axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, and direct -current electric motor brakes.

According to Bonfiglioli, the 600WT wheel drives are well versed for wheeled agricultural equipment, such as self-propelled agricultural sprayers. These drives, available in three different model types, feature an integrated variable hydraulic motor (with 68-cc displacement) especially developed for closed-loop, highly demanding applications. The motor is available with both two-position hydraulic control or electric proportional variable displacement control; it also has zero displacement capacity.

The torque range of this series covers from 12,000 to 22,000 Nm, while gear ratios go from 22:1 to 43.8:1. Input speed reaches 4,000 r/min as in the 600 Series.

The 600WT wheel drives also offer a number of options for the brake, such as mechanical gear disengagement, speed sensor, and a dynamic service brake with inspection port, directly serviceable from the motor side with no need to remove it from the machine.

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