Truck rental can support improved worksite efficiency

By Julian Buckley22 August 2023

Premier Truck Rental Vehicle options at PTR (Photo: Premier Truck Rental)

Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Premier Truck Rental (PTR) provides customized work trucks and trailers to customers across the US.

Adriene Horn, president and co-owner of PTR, said there are three areas to consider when attempting to improve operational efficiencies: having the right equipment for the specific project; incorporating upfits on fleet units to optimize workload; and taking advantage of fleet technology.

When brought together, these elements can maximize crew performance, saving time and money.

Horn said that an optimized fleet can perform at a higher efficiency level, with units with the correct upfits making work easier and faster.

“These speciality accessories are installed and serviced before hitting your jobsite, giving you fewer upfront expenses and the ability to optimize project productivity,” stated Horn. “A wide variety of different types of upfit can be installed on your fleet, like transfer tanks and pumps, lube skids, welders, generators and more.”

She added that renting the equipment will result in having the exact resources for the given project without investing in permanent assets that may not be required at the next jobsite.

“It is important to understand the type of work that will be completed throughout the project, as different accessories are applicable for various cases. Every project is unique and requires diverse types of equipment to reach optimal efficiency,” said Horn.

In addition, Horn said that investing in fleet technology, such as telematics, can save time and money by allowing the fleet manager to track vehicles with real-time vehicle location. The tech can deliver mileage and idling alerts, while also improving safety and security.

‘Fleet technology gives you real-time insights into your rental units, allowing you to ensure that each unit is being utilized to the highest level,” she said.

Adriene Horn will give a presentation covering Job Site Efficiencies at the upcoming Utility Expo.

The Utility Expo will be held from 26 – 28 September at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The opening date of the expo is directly after the Diesel Progress Summit on 25 September.

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