Sun’s Energen technology shines at IFPE

By Mike Brezonick13 March 2023

Sun Hydraulics, part of Helios Technologies, is highlighting a proprietary cartridge valve technology at IFPE that is designed to convert hydraulic flow into electrical energy that can be used to help power other electrical systems in mobile equipment.

Sun Energen valve Sun Hydraulics’ Energen valve. (Photo: Sun Hydraulics)

The Energen valve incorporates a check valve at the top of the valve body that opens when the pressure reaches a specific point. The flow is used to drive a small turbine that spins a generator before going out through an exit port. The resulting electrical energy can be directed to control electronics such as solenoid valves and sensors or to charge a battery within an application’s system.

Equally as important, Sun said, the Energen system provides energy where manufacturers have traditionally not been able to run an electrical harness, unlocking functionality that was previously not possible. The Energen valve was developed as part of the company’s ecoline program, which includes the company’s LoadMatch cartridge valve, LoadAdaptive load holding valves and Series 4 Plus cartridges.

Sun will also be launching the Sun Common (SC) cavity cartridge valves at IFPE. Joining the broad range of existing Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves, the new SC cavity cartridges are optimized for lower pressure systems and offer cross compatibility with many valves and manifolds within the industry, the company said.

See Sun Hydraulics at IFPE booth S-80929

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