Stucchi Multicouplings

By Roberta Prandi11 April 2021

New addition to Multicoupling series by Stucchi for big-sized hydraulic lines.

Stucchi - an Italy-based specialist in quick couplings since 1960 – introduced a new family to its Multicoupling series to address bigger-sized hydraulic lines: the BM2 family, that allows to easily connect one 1-1/2” size line minimizing the operator effort also under difficult conditions of pressure and environment.

This family of special products is composed of two identical products except for the orientation of the cams and lever system: the BM2 1G has a standard orientation of the lever (going upwards to connect the couplings), while the lever of the BM2 1G V01 has to go downwards to perform the connection to be fitted on excavator booms.

BM2 family Multicouplings by Stucchi The BM2 family of Multicouplings by Stucchi is designed for big-sized hydraulic lines

This new Multicoupling series completes Stucchi’s offer for earth-moving and drilling equipment composed of the following families:

  • DP family, to connect from 2 to 6 lines, from 3/8” to 1” coupling size within a body in aluminum and hard oxidation treatment
  • GR family, to connect up to 10 lines (maximum coupling size 1”) with a brass body with nickel plating for more corrosive environments
  • And the latest addition - the BM2 family - specifically design to connect 1 big hydraulic line of 1-1/2” size

All couplings in the Stucchi Multicoupling series, are designed combining a cam mechanism with flat-faced valves and special seals to avoid dirt inclusion, allowing attachment-change operations to be carried out without leakage or contamination and a simple cleaning of the surfaces. The main advantage of these systems is to be able to couple and uncouple multiple lines simultaneously.

With Multicoupling the connection is made through a lever that allows the coupling and the decoupling between a fixed and a mobile plate, thus connecting simultaneously all the hydraulic lines, also in presence of residual pressure and without running the risk of mistakenly connecting different hydraulic lines between them.

All Stucchi Multicoupling components are provided with a QR code sticker, linking to the relevant page on website, where the user can find all the technical information about the product.

Stucchi said its Multicoupling systems are well-suited for earth-moving applications thanks to a number of features, such as the lever system that reduces the force required to connect multiple lines, also in presence of residual pressure in the circuit, and the cam system with safety lock that avoids the risk of falling during the disconnection. Couplings are mounted on the plates with threaded rings or Seeger rings, facilitating installation and replacement; these systems also include the possibility of inserting electric lines for the transmission of electricity to the tool. Finally, the compact dimensions do not create bulk in the execution of the operations.

Stucchi’s product development department is also focused on the introduction of other multi systems with further configuration possibilities and other extra features.

You can read about Stucchi’s Multicoupling in an article about recent product launches in Diesel Progress International, March/April issue. Click HERE to subscribe.

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