Sixty dump trucks delivered with Accelera tech

By Chad Elmore30 June 2023

Field operation in China has begun

fuel cell Accelera by Cummins has delivered 60 hydrogen fuel cell dump trucks.

Accelera by Cummins, the zero-emission business segment of Cummins Inc., announced that it has delivered 60 hydrogen fuel cell dump trucks to Shanghai, China, with a possible 100 additional trucks scheduled for delivery later this year.

Accelera and Dechuang Future, the new energy division of Shaanxi Automobile Group, co-developed a 31-ton fuel cell dump truck for field operation in Shanghai beginning June 2023. The newly-engineered trucks incorporate an e-powertrain system comprised of Accelera’s 120 kW hydrogen fuel cell engine, integrated with a 127 kW.h lithium iron phosphate battery, a 410 kW drive motor, and a low system energy consumption AMT automatic transmission. Together, the company said these technologies achieve key power performance indicators, such as maximum speed, hill starting ability, climbing ability, and loading capacity.

China The trucks were developed with Dechuang Future, a commercial truck brand based in China. (Photo: Accelera by Cummins)

“Just two years ago, Accelera and Dechuang Future joined forces to develop a vehicle energy management strategy ensuring the stable operation of hydrogen fuel cell engines with complex duty cycles and environments prone to heavy dust and debris,” said Alison Trueblood, general manager of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies at Accelera. “This key project is another example of how the right partnership can help hard-working industries develop and deploy emissions-free technologies.”

The truck’s fuel cell engine is based on Cummins’ design verification and quality management system to ensure product stability and durability. The fuel cell engine completed 2500 hours of durability tests and 2,700,000 km of additional road tests.

Accelera currently has operations in North America, Europe and in China, with an additional joint venture that also operates in China.

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