Podcast: New high-tech Fendt planter takes precision ag to next level

At the 2023 Farm Progress Show, Diesel Progress’ Becky Schultz spoke with Arthur Santos, marketing manager, Fendt Planters, NA, at AGCO Corp., about the cutting-edge technology behind the design of the all-new Fendt 30-ft. Momentum planter model, including the advances that enable communication between the implement and tractor and facilitate precision operation in the field.

30-ft. Fendt Momentum planter The 30-ft. Fendt Momentum planter provides high capacity for seed and fertilizer, allowing farmers to plant more quickly without requiring frequent machine reloading. (Photo: Fendt)

AGCO Corp.’s Fendt Momentum planter line was initially introduced to North America in early 2020 and was touted as “the most agronomically advanced planter available worldwide” at that time. It incorporates SmartFrame technology, with a vertical contouring toolbar configuration and smart, automated capability.

Now, the Momentum planter line has been expanded with the introduction of a 30-ft. model that the company said brings its agronomically advanced planting system to a new range of smaller operations. It carries 100 bushels of seed and can handle up to 800 gal. of liquid fertilizer with its newly designed tank, which will be unveiled in 2024.

To eliminate pinch rows, the Momentum line leverages an in-line tandem wheel design and Very-High Flexion (VF) tires, which provide the flotation advantage of tracks with the high road speed of tires. It can also be equipped with Fendt’s central tire inflation system, which automatically adjusts tire pressure to reduce compaction.

30-ft. Fendt Momentum planter The Vertical Contouring Toolbar allows the planter to follow the topography of the terrain. (Photo: Fendt)

SmartFrame technology puts each row unit in the best possible position for row cleaning, downforce, furrow creation, seed placement and closing, according to the company. Each planter is made up of three independent, intelligent sections that operate automatically to ensure the row units on each section maintain the ideal seeding depth. The planter’s sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height, keeping the arms level and the row units properly engaged with the soil as ground conditions and terrain change. The vertical contouring toolbar flexes up and down as much as 65.9 in. to follow the contour of the field and ensure the row units properly engage with the soil.

The Momentum planter is designed by a global engineering team and manufactured in Beloit, Kansas.

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