OTR tire for zero-turn mowers, garden tractors

OTR Engineered Solutions (OTR) is offering the Reaper tire for multiple brands of zero-turn mowers and garden tractors. The comapny said the tire combines a turf-specific design that yields superior traction, stability and control with aggressive styling that appeals to end customers.

ZTR turf tire OTR’s new Reaper tire. (Illustration: OTR)

The Reaper tire has a wider footprint to maintain surface contact that enhances stability and steering responsiveness as well. Additionally, a wrap-over grip edge enhances traction when driving on uneven terrain. This feature, combined with a unique tread design, delivers eye-catching styling for added value, said the company. The proprietary all-season rubber compound used to make the tire optimizes performance in both wet and dry conditions. It also helps create softer sidewalls for a smooth ride.

The tire is sold as an assembly, including the tire and wheel, for easy bolt-on installation. It is available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of vehicles.

“The Reaper is a tire OTR’s formerly named Hoosier Wheel unit originated as a highly engineered turf tire that delivers more value for the money,” said Brian Walter, vice president, OEM Sales, OTR, Rome, Ga. “It not only performs exceptionally well in virtually any turf environment—smooth or rough—but it looks good, too. We’re confident this tire will make our OEM customers’ equipment more effective and appealing.”

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