New Particle Number Analyzer From Sensors

By Mike Brezonick18 September 2020

Sensors Inc. has introduced a new dual range particle number-based analyzer, the Semtech CPN 23|10, for emissions testing applications. The new unit, which the company said was developed in anticipation of new regulations, is designed to measure particles down to 10 nm as well as 23 nm. The user can choose the desired range with a simple software/pneumatic switch, Sensors Inc. said.

Current regulations for particle number (PN) real driving emissions (RDE) measurement devices require the particle counting efficiencies at various particle sizes be within a set range. Currently analyzers must have a d50 of 23 nm, i.e. devices measure 50% of 23nm particles). Sensors said there is a drive to reduce that key parameter to 10 nm with the implementation of post-Euro 6 regulations (or potentially in a Euro 6e amendment), due to the well-documented effects of smaller particles on human health.

The new Semtech CPN 23|10 is designed and manufactured to fully comply with current worldwide regulations for RDE PN measurements, notably the size efficiency requirements from 23 to 200 nm. The proposed new efficiency requirements extending measurements down to 10 nm can also be measured through a user selectable flow path and software switch to incorporate the second calibration factors.

This device is switchable, allowing the user to change the desired range with a simple pneumatic/software selection. “This innovative device allows our customers to understand the challenges presented by current and future regulations and to develop systems that meet those challenges well in advance of their implementation,” says David Booker, Sensors Inc. chief technical officer.

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