New onboard charger for electric commercial vehicles

By Mike Brezonick28 April 2023

Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI), a supplier of electrification systems and technologies, has developed a 20 kW onboard charger for the commercial electric vehicle industry.

Coulomb Solutions 20 kW charger The new 20 kW onboard charger from Coulomb Solutions. (Photo: Coulomb Solutions Inc.)

The proprietary 20 kW charger offers full power output with single-phase input rather than the three-phase standard commonly found in Europe and China. CSI said its design is cost effective and eliminates the need for multiple units stacking or configuration, reducing high-voltage cabling and decreasing the overall footprint and mass. In addition, the unit will offer the capability to add bi-directional charging, CSI said.

Incorporating liquid cooling, the charger is designed to be compact, with dimensions of 14.6 in. long, 9.8 in. wide and 6.7 in. high (370 x 252 x169 mm), weighing 44 lb. (20 kg).

Along with batteries and battery chargers, CSI also offers a line of accessory components for commercial electric vehicles including battery heating and cooling systems, electric air conditioning compressors, electric cab heaters, electric steering pumps, electric air compressors for braking, accessory inverters and onboard ac and fast dc chargers.

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