New motor controllers for electric OPE

11 October 2022

Aiming to meet the demands of next-generation electric mowers, utility vehicles and other outdoor power equipment (OPE), Delta Systems has unveiled a new line of motor controllers. The new controllers provide refined speed control of permanent magnet ac (PMAC) and brushless dc (BLDC) motors used on a growing number of machines powered by lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries.

Delta Systems motor controller Delta Systems has developed a a new line of motor controllers designed to deliver precise speed control for motors used in electric outdoor power equipment such as mowers and utility vehicles. (Photo: Delta Systems)

“Electrification is a reality, and, as a decades-long supplier to an evolving industry, we’re adapting our product lines to continue offering the same trusted solutions and support our customers rely on,” said Isaac Kirbawy, director of Product Management at the Streetsboro, Ohio, company. “For manufacturers stepping into the electrified world, we’re along with them with smart, flexible technologies for battery-powered equipment.”

The new electric motor controllers are targeted toward deck and traction systems used on zero-turn ride-on mowers as well as for utility vehicles, power sports equipment, light industrial vehicles and off-highway vehicles.

Delta Systems said the new motor controllers are sealed to IP67A for reliable use under tough environmental conditions. The units also include a built-in vehicle control module (VCM) which eliminates the need for a separate external module.

OEMs can configure the motor controllers’ parameters via handheld or PC-based interfaces engineered to make it easy to provide precise instruction about motor rotation, speed and acceleration. Additionally, Delta Systems said it offers a wide range of electric motors for manufacturers seeking a complete solution and the convenience of working with a single supplier.

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