New Mack Diesel Targets Improved Fuel Economy

By Mike Brezonick26 October 2020

Mack Trucks announced a new version of its Mack MP8HE diesel that the company said improves fuel efficiency by up to 3% compared to the current engine.

The company said its Mack Anthem trucks spec’d with the MP8HE, new extended chassis fairings and the Mack HE+ efficiency package, can deliver as much as a 13% improvement in fuel efficiency compared with a baseline Anthem model.

“From its inception, our work on the Mack Anthem model has been about finding ways to save customers money with improved fuel efficiency from superior aerodynamics and powertrain technology,” said Stu Russoli, Mack Trucks highway product manager. “We thoroughly revised our MP8HE engine to bring even greater efficiency benefits through our proven Mack Energy Recovery Technology.”

The MP8HE engine is an inline, six-cylinder diesel with bore and stroke dimensions of 131 x 158 mm and an overall displacement of 13 L. Rated 415 hp with 1760 lb. ft. of torque or 445 hp with 1860 lb. ft. of torque, Mack said the new engine takes advantage of a range of technologies including:

– Mack’s Energy Recovery Technology, a turbocompounding system that captures waste energy from the engine’s exhaust and converts it to mechanical energy that is delivered to the engine crankshaft as additional torque.

– An updated version of Mack’s patented Wave piston, which incorporates wave-like contours into the steel piston crown, designed to redirect flames in the combustion chamber to utilize all available oxygen for a cleaner and more complete burn than standard diesel pistons.

– An increase in the compression ratio from 17:1 to 18:1, which helps boost overall thermal efficiency.

– An improved turbocharger and wastegate for better engine breathing and response.

Mack said its HE+ efficiency package bundles the MP8HE engine, the Mack mDrive automated manual transmission, Mack Predictive Cruise and aerodynamic enhancements for the ultimate in fuel efficiency. The HE+ package can also be combined with Mack’s all-new extended chassis fairings, which smooth airflow around the rear axles to deliver an additional 0.5% improvement in fuel efficiency, the company said.

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