Motor Wheel rolls out new brake drums

By Chad Elmore10 June 2021

Move differentiates genuine CentriFuse drums from imitations.

Motor Wheel, manufacturer of CentriFuse brake drums and Crewson brake adjusters, has announced the re-colorization of its brake drums.

“Not all brake drums are the same, even though they may appear to be. That is why, in the production process, Motor Wheel colors its genuine CentriFuse drums blue and CentriFuse heavy-duty drums red,” said Jeff Bates, general manager of Motor Wheel. This action differentiates genuine CentriFuse drums helping Motor Wheel customers identify imitations and off-shore clones. Our blue and red colors symbolize Made in America from day one.”

Motor Wheel

The company’s brake drums are designed for a wide range of commercial trucking operations. The Centrifuse HD drums are designed for severe conditions and has axle load rating of 26,000 lb.

“Now that Motor Wheel is part of the Hendrickson family, it provides us a platform to advance our lite, standard and heavy-duty drum brake system performance and deliver a great brand that complements our existing product portfolio.”

During the summer of 2020, Hendrickson acquired the Motor Wheel business segments from Stemco and parent company EnPro Industries. Motor Wheel now operates as a division of Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems.

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