Maplesoft MapleSim 2022 simplifies machine model creation

By Becky Schultz01 June 2022

MapleSim makes it faster for engineers to build models and explore complex designs. (Photo: Maplesoft)

When designing complex machines, there are many interactions between different engineering domains to consider, reports Maplesoft, a leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. If these interactions aren’t accurately identified during the design stage, the final machine can respond in unintended ways, and could require expensive retrofitting.

To aid the design process in these situations, Maplesoft has released MapleSim 2022, an advanced modeling and simulation tool to help designers reduce machine development time, lower costs and diagnose real-world performance issues. According to the company, engineers can use the platform to evaluate design concepts and identify and solve performance issues early on by managing the entire system-level model within a single platform.

The tool includes a new app for creation of custom configurations for directional control valves, as well as updates to several add-on libraries to provide additional modeling support. For example, new components enable modeling flow through air orifices and for heat-related flow changes in air and water, plus the ability to model laminating in web handling systems.

“The new release of MapleSim expands the modeling scope with new features and components, and it is now even simpler to use for modeling complex machines,” said Chris Harduwar, vice president of business development at Maplesoft, in announcing the enhanced tool. “Designers save time by using MapleSim models to explore the designs and test product features before applying hardware changes, reducing the time and money spent in prototyping and development.”

Simpler, more efficient options are available with the latest release, as well. New streamlined settings for signal connectors ensure model diagrams are less cluttered and easier for technical reviews. In addition, an update to the add-on MapleSim CAD Toolbox extends connectivity to recent releases of popular CAD tools; this enables engineers to easily import 2D and 3D diagrams into MapleSim to see how mechanical CAD models will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system.

In addition, MapleSim Insight – which gives machine builders simulation-based debugging and 3D visualization capabilities by connecting directly to existing automation tools – now supports saving and managing sets of simulation results to quickly compare outcomes across multiple runs. A new Tutorial Mode allows less-technical teams to quickly leverage these more advanced visualization features.

MapleSim 2022 is suitable for a range of industrial applications, including simulation of manufacturing and packaging systems, model development for hardware-in-the-loop and virtual commissioning, and more.

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