Komatsu, Cummins partner on integrated remote monitoring solution

By Becky Schultz23 February 2023

Remote equipment monitoring can help reduce unplanned stoppages, accelerate maintenance execution and extend component life and maintenance intervals. (Photo: Komatsu)

Komatsu, which provides technologies, equipment and services for the construction, mining, forklift, industrial and forestry markets, has partnered with global power solutions provider Cummins Inc. to deliver a new integrated remote equipment monitoring solution for mining customers that combines engine and non-engine data in one place.

The solution will enable mining operations to easily see all equipment data plus insights and recommendations from both companies for a holistic view of the machine. The result, the companies said, is the ability for mines to make better decisions faster, which can lead to fewer unplanned stoppages, accelerated maintenance execution, increased asset utilization and extended component life and service intervals.

“With this partnership, we are tying two high-value services together. By combining data analytics from both Komatsu and Cummins, we can collaborate to help our customers maximize total asset performance and health,” said Greg Lanz, general manager, technology interoperability for Komatsu.

All data is collected on a single device and actions managed in a shared case management system. Experts from both companies’ teams will have the ability to work remotely with a customer’s maintenance staff to proactively monitor asset health and optimize maintenance management.

By sharing equipment health and performance data over common infrastructure and collaborating on health analytics, the two companies will have access to the same secure data and be able to develop joint analytics and insights. This ability to provide data that is useful and organized will allow stakeholders to be more proactive, Komatsu noted. For example, understanding where a truck is in the mine, what its payload is and which operator is driving it can provide useful context to analyze why an engine is behaving a certain way.  

“The collaboration between Cummins and Komatsu on broader data sets opens opportunities for us to build more complex analytics and insights,” Lanz stated. “The secret sauce is combining the expertise of both teams.”

“Our aim with this integrated solution,” said Dana Miller, director digital and service solutions for Cummins, “is to deliver a robust best-in-class solution to help our customers succeed.”  

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