Iveco’s S-Way Truck One Year Later

By Roberta Prandi15 September 2020

Iveco’s S-Way long-haul truck was launched in Europe a little over a year ago and has already registered a remarkable sales success, the company said. Since its debut in July 2019, the company said it has sold more than 2500 S-Way trucks, between diesel and liquified natural gas (LNG) versions, 70% of which were sold since the beginning of 2020.

Iveco and its parent company CNH Industrial said they are very committed to the development of solutions for natural gas as a fuel for on-highway vehicles. In February 2020, the company inaugurated with Engie a new LNG fuel station in the area of Turin, Italy, a project in which Iveco took active part as partner and promoter.

According to the European Alternative Fuel Observatory, Europe currently counts 286 fuel stations for LNG and 3604 for compressed natural gas (CNG). Italy ranks first in number of CNG/LNG stations with 1455, followed by Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Netherlands. The Italian association for natural gas distribution, Federmetano, reports a count of 77 LNG fuel stations with 39 more in a project phase across the country.

The Iveco S-Way truck is available with a range of engines compliant with Euro 6 emissions regulations in diesel or natural gas versions. The diesel units include the 8.7 L Cursor 9 engine with an output from 243 to 294 kW; the 11.1 L Cursor 11 (309 to 353 kW); and the 12.9 L Cursor 13, rated 375 to 419 kW.

The Iveco S-Way NP (Natural Power) is the LNG-powered version with an range of up to 1600 km for long haul applications. The use of natural gas allows particulate emissions to be reduced by 95% compared to diesel vehicles, while NO2 is reduced by 90%. The utilization of biomethane will allow to reduce CO2 emissions by 95%, reaching a level close to zero, the company said.

It also contributes to a quieter environment with just 71 dB(A) noise emissions when running in Silent Mode, an ideal option for nighttime deliveries, Iveco said.

The Iveco S-Way NP is available with two different engine versions: the 8.7-L Cursor 9 NP (250 and 294 kW) and the 12.9 L Cursor 13 NP (338 kW).

Optimized fuel consumption and an attractive total cost of ownership are also important elements cited by Iveco for the S-Way truck. The truck incorporates an HI-Tronix 12-speed automatic transmission with electronic clutch. An Anti-Idling function avoids long idling periods by automatically stopping the engine, while the Smart EGR system increases combustion efficiency with lower fuel consumption by optimizing injection timing, Iveco said.

Smart auxiliaries avoid power consumption when their use is not necessary, for example with the air compressor with clutch, the smart alternator and variable-displacement steering pump.

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