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14 February 2020

FPT Industrial will exhibit its Cursor 9 Stage V PowerPack with the six-cylinder engine that delivers maximum power of 448 hp (330 kW) at 1800 r/min and maximum torque of 1800 Nm at 1500 r/min. To comply with EU Stage 5 emissions regulations, the engine is fitted with FPT Industrial’s aftertreatment system, HI-eSCR2.

The PowerPack is configured so that all key aftertreatment components fit into a single package and customers can choose between an engine-mounted PowerPack, which is ready to use, and a loose pack for their own layout design. In both cases, all electrical signals and connections are managed by a single cable.

FPT Industrial will also exhibit the 3.4-L four-cylinder F34 engine in two layouts: the F34 Industrial Power Unit (IPU) designed for as a pre-packed engine for motor pump applications and delivering maximum power of 75 hp (55 kW) and torque of 318 Nm; the F34 as a loose engine version provides maximum power of 122 hp (90 kW) and torque up to 490 Nm. To comply with EPA Tier 4 Final, the IPU version uses a diesel oxidation catalyst and a particulate matter catalyst (PMcat), while the loose engine uses HI-eSCR.

The N67 NG natural-gas-powered engine is also on display. It was specifically developed for off-road applications and grants 10% lower CO2 emissions than diesel engines in real field conditions, according to FPT Industrial. CO2 emissions can reach virtually zero or even become negative when the engine is running on biomethane. The N67 NG has been chosen for Case Construction Equipment’s methane-powered wheel loader concept – Project TETRA – that can be seen at Case’s stand at Conexpo (North Hall, N11825).

Finally, FPT Industrial showcases its Cursor X 4.0 Power Source Concept, a powertrain solution that is described by the manufacturer with four Ms: Multi-power, as it could be powered by natural gas, electric batteries or hydrogen; Modular, with the same size as an internal combustion engine and modular architecture; Multi-application, adapting to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine; and Mindful, capable of self-learning, predicting and programming its own maintenance.

According to FPT Industrial, Cursor X will guide the roadmap of the company’s next products, as with the newly announced F28 Hybrid unit.

Learn more about FPT Industrial’s development at their booth in the Bronze Lot, B7700.



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