FPT Industrial debuts new engine at IAA

By Mike Brezonick21 September 2022

FPT Industrial’s multi-energy approach towards sustainable on-road propulsion was on display at IAA Transportation 2022, highlighted by a new internal combustion engine. The company said its new XC13 represents the embodiment of the Cursor X concept as multi-energy, modular and multi-application engine platform.

FPT Industrial XC13 FPT Industrial’s new XC13, unveiled at IAA Transportation 2022, will be available in diesel and natural gas versions. (Photo: FPT Industrial)

The XC13 is FPT Industrial’s first multi-fuel single base engine. From diesel to natural gas – including biomethane – hydrogen and renewable fuels, the base engine has been designed with multiple versions to offer maximum component standardization and easy integration into the final product.

FPT Industrial said the engine is compatible with a range of on-highway market requirements and emissions regulations, with limited impact on vehicle installation.

The diesel version delivers ratings to 600 hp (447 kW) and torques up to 2102 lb. ft. (2850 Nm), resulting in 5% more power and 14% greater torque compared to the current Cursor 13 engine. The natural gas version delivers up to 520 hp (382 kW) and 1844 lb. ft. (2500 Nm), which is 13% more horsepower and 25% more torque than the current Cursor 13 Natural Gas. CO2 emissions reductions stand at 9% for the diesel unit and 10% for the methane model, but the latter can achieve net-zero CO2 emissions when fueled by biomethane, FPT said.

Designed for the future, and for future emissions challenges, FPT said the XC13 will be ready for Euro 7 with simple upgrades, the company said.

Both versions are also significantly lighter, FPT said, with both the diesel and natural gas versions 10% lighter than their predecessors. The weight reduction is achieved through the use of compacted graphite iron (CGI) castings for the cylinder head and block, which reduces wall thickness while improving thermomechanical strength.

FPT said combustion efficiency is enhanced by a new fuel injection system, higher peak cylinder pressure, a new divided-flow turbocharger and by the company’s proprietary software for integrated combustion and aftertreatment system (ATS) control.

“The Multi-energy approach is the cornerstone of our product strategy,” said Pierpaolo Biffali, vice president Product Engineering, FPT Industrial. “Internal combustion engine still represents one of many sustainable solutions we have in our toolkit, together with our complete ePowertrain offering including battery and electrified driveline.”

Zero emissions technologies

FPT also displayed its zero-emissions technologies at IAA, with a primary focus on eAxles, central drive systems, modular battery packs and battery management systems.

FPT Industrial eAxle The new FPT Industrial eAX375-R eAxle is designed for medium-duty 4x2, 6x2 and heavy-duty 6x4 vehicles. (Photo: FPT Industrial)

With the unveiling of the eAX375-R eAxle, FPT Industrial has clarified its strategy for the electrification path of medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The new eAxle will suit medium-duty 4x2/6x2 and heavy-duty 6x4 vehicles, offering high performance and efficiency through its two-speed gear set.

The second-generation eAxle is designed to be fully scalable, to accommodate specific customer requirements and to broaden the range of applications. Through this new addition, FPT’s eDriveline range also includes light and heavy versions, providing solutions for electrification for vans, light, medium and heavy trucks and buses from 3.5 to 44 tonnes and beyond

Central drives

The electric Central Drive 140 is designed as a complete, compact solution for integrating electric drive systems into existing conventional light commercial vehicles and minibuses weighing up to 8 tonnes. The eCD 140 delivers peak power of up to 140 kW and axle torque of up to 1.6 kNm. It is designed for rear-wheel drive applications and offers outstanding efficiency (>92%) and durability (up to 350 km), the company said. It incorporates a parking lock system for safety and can be adapted for use in hybrid systems.

Battery packs

Created in partnership with Microvast, FPT Industrial’s battery packs have been developed for LCVs, minibuses and bus applications, with Microvast taking care of the modules and cells, and FPT Industrial creating the housing and handling complete integration.

FPT Industrial battery pack At IAA Transportation 2022, FPT Industrial unveiled a new 69 kWh battery for bus applications. (Photo: FPT Industrial)

At IAA, FPT Industrial showcased a new 69 kWh battery for bus applications, a product it said offers high energy density in a versatile solution, thanks to its modular pack system.

“The evolution of a carbon-based economy into a new, sustainable circular economy is perhaps the greatest technological challenge of the industrial era,” said Sylvain Blaise, president of the Iveco Group Powertrain Business Unit (FPT Industrial is a brand of Iveco Group). “And as producers of propulsion systems we are at the core of it. Our outstanding display of innovation and sustainable technology here in Hanover demonstrate our full commitment to reaching the ‘net zero carbon’ goal by 2040 and being a key technology enabler for our customers and partners.”

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