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By Roberta Prandi09 April 2021

In November 2020, Italian coupling specialist Faster announced a partnership with Taimi Hydraulique, a Canadian manufacturer of hydraulic components like the Swivel connectors, a unique technology of rotating products designed to improve hydraulic reliability of equipment.

Swivel connectors by Taimi are distributed by Faster Swivel connectors prevent hydraulic leakages by eliminating hose twisting.

In hydraulic systems, leaks are one of the most evident and frequent signs of hose wear. Faster reported for example, that a torsion angle of 5° can shorten a high-pressure hose service life by as much as 70% and such value can rise up to 90% if the angle gets to 7°.

The negative impact of torsion gets partially relieved by increased hose length, however, installing longer hoses does not really solve the issue. Swivel connectors, on the other hand, do completely eliminate hose twisting thanks to a mutual rotation between their two main components: a stem (shank) and a housing.

There are three different Swivel series: 90° Swivel and In-Line Swivel, which are the result of a shank-nut assembly inserted into a housing and are both considered standalone swivels; and Swivel Cartridge, designed to be integrated into steel housings or hydraulic manifolds. It simply screws in, becoming a short and very sturdy swiveling coupling that will live through high pressure and side loads.

Main applications for the Swivel connectors can be, among others: forestry machines; machinery for open pit mining, offshore drilling, and underground mining; cranes; material handling vehicles; and railroad maintenance machines.

Customer can order the Swivel connectors directly from Faster e-commerce portal.

Faster also announced new versions being added to its FHV series of screw-to-connect couplings for heavy-duty applications, that is equipped with a safety sleeve and designed for the most extreme conditions of use in terms of pressures, flows and ergonomics. The FHV series is quite appreciated for its capability of connecting hydraulic equipment under residual pressure without any tool.

FHV HD hydraulic couplings by Faster The new FHV HD coupling series by Faster is available in different variants

The new series FHV HD is dedicated to high frequency of pressure impulses and includes following versions: FHV IP, with Ingress Protection 54 certification; FHV ET, Extended Temperature range, and FHV K, a short version dedicated to undercarriage.

The FHV HD series is equipped with reinforced bearing ball system and greasing nipple, that makes it suitable for extreme pressure spikes and harsh environment, where greasing the bearing balls is needed to extend service life.

All FHV HD versions are interchangeable with each other. From now on these upgraded products will replace the old standard FHV.

You can read about Faster’s FHV HD also in Diesel Progress International, March/April issue. Click HERE to subscribe.

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