EcoMix electric mixer drive

By Roberta Prandi09 April 2021

New concrete mixer drive with integrated electric motor by ZF.

ZF Friedrichshafen introduced the electric mixer drive EcoMix CMe, where an electro-mechanic transmission is replacing all hydraulic components.

The ZF electric drive system for concrete mixers The new EcoMix CMe electric drive by ZF for mixer trucks with up to 12 m³ mixing capacity and up to 64,000 Nm output torque

The transmission is driven by an integrated liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with up to 100 kW power output. The system can be implemented in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles or fuel-cell electric vehicles with an on-board high-voltage battery. ZF pointed out that even with a hybrid electric drive, the truck can turn off its engine on the construction site as well as in the mixing plant and let the drum run independently and emission-free, powered by the high-voltage battery.

According to ZF, some of the benefits of this system for concrete mixer trucks with electromechanical drum drive include compactness, low weight, and durability even for strenuous construction applications. ZF added that the system satisfies all the expectations for performance and productivity found in traditional mixer trucks while adding the benefits and opportunities that electromechanical systems have to offer, such as a low noise levels, reduced fuel consumption and consequently lower CO2 emissions.

The battery is the energy source for the drive system and, during operation, the vehicle can access 60 kW continuous power and a peak power of 100 kW for a shorter period. The 650 V used by the high voltage system was specially selected for reduced power loss and represents the standard that is emerging in the electric commercial vehicles sector.

The EcoMix CMe drive can be utilized in mixer trucks with up to 12 m³ mixing capacity and with up to 64,000 Nm output torque.

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