Cummins Stage 5 Power Unit

By Mike Osenga27 June 2018

Cummins has unveiled a new Stage 5 power unit range. Designed as a complete package, the Cummins power unit is comprised of a Stage 5 engine, exhaust aftertreatment system, radiator and cooling system – as well as auxiliaries such as mounting feet, hoses and an air cleaner.

 Jeroen van Ginneken, director Off-Highway Engine Sales at Cummins, said: “For key applications such as crushers, screeners, drills, air compressors and concrete pumps we are providing a drop-in solution, with more than 70% of the content pre-approved for installation. This makes the integration process simpler, reducing the lead time for customers.”

 Cummins Stage 5 power units are available from 100 to 675 hp (75 to 503 kW) On display at Hillhead 2018 in Buxton, England, Cummins showed the F3.8 power unit which ranges from 100 to 173 hp (75 to 129 kW).  The 3.8 L engine has moved from 130 hp (97 kW) at Stage 4, to 173 hp (129 kW) at Stage 5. Peak torque has increased by more than 20 percent, to 620 Nm. 

 The F3.8 has an EGR-free design, supported by Cummins Single Module aftertreatment and its higher NOx conversion capability. The aftertreatment systems can be provided mounted or unmounted depending on customer requirements.  It is lighter and smaller than the equivalent Stage 4 aftertreatment, Cummins said.  This means simpler architecture that is easier to install, with fewer parts and higher reliability.   

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