Cummins Adds New Ratings For ISX15

By pdamon29 February 2016

Cummins Inc. has released three new ISX15 diesel engine ratings targeting premium fleets or performance-oriented linehaul applications. The new 475, 450 and 400 hp ratings with 1850 lb. ft. of torque are intended to provide an optimal blend of performance and fuel efficiency for high-load applications or fleets that frequently encounter mountainous terrains and require strong pulling power, the company said.

The new ratings build upon the high low-end torque that is readily available at 1000 rpm, Cummins said. Thus, customers who traditionally opted for a 485 or 500 hp rating to access 1850 lb. ft. of torque can now benefit from the improved fuel economy of operating at a lower rpm while satisfying performance expectations, Cummins said.

The new 1850 lb.ft. torque ratings can be paired with manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) to harvest the benefit of gearing faster to operate at a lower rpm, Cummins said. Additional electronic features are designed to modulate torque ramp-up and vehicle acceleration through the lower side of the gearbox and to assist the driver in low-speed maneuvering, the company said. These features include Powertrain Protection, Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) and a new feature to be available in April called Smart-Acceleration, which is designed to allow the engine to modulate the amount of commanded fueling to control the torque ramp-up rate to a customer-defined threshold in specific gears.

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