Charging into the North American market

By Roberta Prandi19 June 2023

Conexpo 2023 in Las Vegas was the occasion to talk to FPT Industrial about their approach to the North American market. New technologies, customer service and special projects.

Among the solutions for off-highway machinery that FPT Industrial showcased at the ConExpo 2023 trade show, the F28 engine family was one encompassing many interesting developments.

As Diego Rotti, product manager Off-Road Industrial Engines at FPT Industrial, pointed out: “We showcased the F28 engine family in the US in both industrial and pre-assembled powerpack versions using either diesel or renewable diesel (such as HVO); these options are now ready for orders.”

The F28 engine is a 2.8-L engine offering the performance of a 3.4-L engine in a compact 2-L package; it has a multi-fuel design that shares common base components between base diesel versions and alternative options such as natural gas and hybrid.

The F28 engine by FPT Industrial The FPT F28 engine delivers the performance of a 3.4-L engine in a compact 2-L package designed for a multi-fuel approach.

It features dedicated aftertreatment solutions which, for the US market, are compliant with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations that up to 75 hp (55 kW) use a simple diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and no diesel particulate filter (DPF).

For global applications where EU Stage 5 emission compliance is necessary, these engines adopt DOC and DPF and are nevertheless dual-certified for Tier 4 Final.

One F28 Hybrid engine was on display at ConExpo 2023 in a configuration delivering a maximum power of 75 hp (55 kW), with the 48V electric motor that adds 27 hp (20 kW) of continuous electric power and up to 40 hp (29 kW) in peak power.

The unit is based on a scalable architecture designed for modular extension to high voltage and based on FPT Industrial’s proprietary control software. Rotti said, the F28 Hybrid configuration is in field tests and is expected to be available soon for production launch.

He also added that at the show FPT Industrial introduced the F28 PowerPack version: “This one completes our offering of pre-assembled, ready to use solutions.” All PowerPack units are available in a very compact and pre-validated package that includes all key after-treatment components. “Customers choosing our Power Pack engines have a solution that is factory ready and very easy to install.”

The range of FPT Industrial’s Tier 4 Final and Stage 5 engines covers from 2.8- to 16-L displacement and all units are compatible with renewable diesel fuels such as HVO.

FPT Industrial’s Vice President of Customer Service & Digital, Sergio Carpentiere, presented the company’s customer service solutions that incorporate also digital initiatives.

“Customers’ main concerns nowadays are to minimize total cost of ownership while maximizing uptime for their applications,” said Carpentiere. “Across the US and Canada, FPT Industrial counts on a wide distribution network which offers support 24/7 and promotes additional customer-oriented services such as the MyFPT app and an extended warranty package up to five years.”

Carpentiere added that, specifically for the North American market, FPT Industrial can offer locally engine remanufacturing capability.

The company is also launching a new specific line of lubricant developed in collaboration with Shell which is available to North America and Asia-Pacific markets.

FPT Industrial at Conexpo 2023 FPT Industrial presented at ConExpo 2023 new technologies and customer service solutions for the North American market.
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