Caterpillar unveils battery energy storage

Cat Compact Energy Storage System The Cat Compact ESS was integrated with a 5.1-kW array of Cat PVC photovoltaic modules used to charge battery-electric machine prototypes featured at ConExpo-Con/Agg.

Caterpillar Inc. displayed the Cat Compact ESS, a mobile battery energy storage system (ESS) designed to supplement traditional mobile power solutions, in its Sustainability Hub at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023. The modules are suited for applications such as remote worksites that require long periods of low loads, such as night-time loads, around the clock low loads, and time periods when a silent supply of energy is required.

Two models are offered with configurations available for 50 or 60 Hz applications. The Cat XES60 provides up to 56.8 kWh of capacity, while the Cat XES120 delivers up to 127.9 kWh of capacity. Both enable full recharging in as little as four hours and feature advanced lithium-ion batteries to provide thermal stability, high discharge/recharge efficiency and high cycle life.

The modules have simple, straightforward connections that enable rapid plug and play installation and integration to any combination of diesel, natural gas or renewable energy source, including portable PV solar arrays or wind power, enabling quick and smooth worksite deployment. Modules store surplus power from the energy sources and discharge from their reserves as needed. An onboard energy control module continuously monitors load levels and automatically switches between gen-set power and stored energy, using the gen-set only for recharging or accommodating higher loads.

The Cat Compact ESS also enables remote monitoring and control of connected systems, including gen-sets, solar PV, inverters, grid, batteries, meters and sensors.

Modules are packaged in weather- and debris-resistant enclosures for deployment in rugged working conditions, and can be mounted on tow trailers to simplify transport and repositioning around the jobsite.

Cat Compact ESS users can subscribe to advanced data collection, visualization reporting and alert capabilities to help track and manage system operation in real time, confirm desired cost savings, flag potential problems, perform remote troubleshooting, offer long-term archives of site performance history, and identify opportunities for further operational or system enhancement, Caterpillar said.

The units are currently available from the company’s dealers in North America, Europe and Australia, with other territories to follow throughout 2023.

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