Cat’s All-New Standby Gen-Sets

By Mike Osenga05 June 2020

Caterpillar Inc. has announced an all-new line of diesel generator sets for standby applications. There are eight models in the new GC family, with standby power ratings from 250 kW to 600 kW.

The new GC sets are targeted for general standby applications including hospitals, agriculture, municipal infrastructure such as pump stations and water treatment plants, small commercial enterprises, and small- to medium-sized office buildings.

Built at Cat’s Seguin, Texas, operations, the new UL 2200 listed 60 Hz range includes 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, and 600 kW sets.

Complete specifications can be found here.

Power for the eight sets include the inline six-cylinder Cat C9 diesel for the 250 and 300 kW gen-sets. The engine is turbocharged with air-to-air aftercooling (TAAC), has a hydraulic unit injection fuel system (HEUI) and is controlled by Cat’s ADEM A4 governor. The two generator sets are EPA Tier 3 compliant Cat said.

Cat D300
On the smaller output end of the new Cat  generator sets is the 300 kW model D300 GC.

All of the engines used in the GC range are inline, six-cylinder TAAC diesels, with the ADEM A4 electronic governor system. Fuel systems vary as noted.

The 350 and 400 kW sets are powered by a Cat C13 diesel with a mechanically-actuated electronic unit injection (MEUI) system. Both models are also EPA Tier 3 compliant.

The 450 and 500 kW sets have a Cat C15 diesel as power both with MEUI fuel systems. The 450 kW gen-set is EPA Tier 3 compliant, while the 500 kW model is Tier 2 compliant.

The two largest sets, the 550 and 600 kW models are both Tier 2 compliant and are powered by Cat C18 diesels with MEUI fuel systems.

According to Cat, the key marketing feature of the new GC is that the sets are configured with an mix of common features in a pre-defined package. “That offers excellent customer value by delivering performance with a minimal footprint,” Cat said.

The sets are available now in North America for applications in 60Hz operating environments. The GC generator sets include Caterpillar’s customary two-year warranty for standby power solutions, with a suite of additional extended service coverage options available. Caterpillar supplies matching enclosures for applications requiring noise attenuation or protection from the elements.

Further, the generator sets can be equipped with Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring, which provides data visualization, reporting and alerts that are accessible from anywhere through web interface.

“Customers with standby power needs are seeking systems with an optimized combination of capabilities that deliver the productivity and dependability they need while minimizing purchasing and installation costs,” said Jason Kaiser, general manager for Caterpillar Retail Electric Power Solutions. “The new Cat GC diesel generator sets have been specifically engineered to offer these customers Caterpillar performance in a valuable package that provides the most commonly specified capabilities.”

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