Atlas Copco adds QAS+ hybrid power to Zenergize gen sets

By Julian Buckley08 April 2022

ZenergiZe ESS range Atlas Copco hybrid power solutions: Two QAS+ generators and a ZBC 250-500

Atlas Copco has introduced the new QAS+ hybrid energy system for the Zenergize range of gen sets.

The QAS+ system will feature on the ZBP and ZBC model ranges.

Featuring both diesel generators and li-ion battery packs, the new QAS+ systems can cover peak power and low loads. This is said to extend the working lifetime by 15% and reducing maintenance requirements by 50%. The system also improves on ROI times. 

About 70% lighter and more compact than alternatives, gen sets with the QAS+ systems offer users 40,000 hours of uninterrupted operation, with an overload capacity of 150%. They can run autonomously for up to 12 hours, while recharge can be completed in 1.5 hours. Li-ion batteries can operate at temperatures between -20ᵒC and 50ᵒC.

Operating in island mode, the units produce no CO2 or noise. In hybrid mode, they optimise noise levels and fuel consumption. Due to this, the units are particularly suited to applications in urban environments with noise level restrictions, events, telecoms and rental applications.

These variants are Stage 5 compliant and the company’s most efficient generators. Compared to a 650 kVA unit, a ZBC250-57 with QAS+ 325 in hybrid mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 80%. This equates to about 200 tons of CO2 over a working lifetime.

Tony Calippe, product marketing manager, Generators Stage V and Tier4f, at Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division, added: “Our QAS+ generators are fully-compatible with HVO, which almost reaches carbon neutral operation. It is the perfect choice to work in hybrid mode with Atlas Copco’s lithium-ion ESS, empowering its quiet and low CO2 emission operations.”

The QAS+ system creates six times less noise than comparable generators, dependent on application and load profile. With a 25% smaller footprint these are easier to transport, while offering plug-and-play connectivity supported by a user-friendly touchscreen.

A variable speed drive motor-driven fan adjusts cooling flow as required, minimising power loss related to cooling while improving fuel efficiency.

The gen sets using the QAS+ system can be used with multiple battery-driven units. They can also store and deliver energy from renewable sources, including solar and wind.

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