BKT introduces new tire size for Earthmax range

By Julian Buckley07 December 2021

BKT Earthmax BKT Earthmax SR 51

BKT has launched a new size for its Earthmax SR 51 tire (875/65 R 29 L-5).

The new 65-series tire is designed for wheel loaders working in harsh environments, such as rock quarries and landfills.

This is supported by the extra-deep, cut-resistant L-5 tread, which offers excellent cut protection and longer wear life.

The Earthmax SR 51 also features extra sidewall protection, delivering improved traction and durability. The all-steel construction and cut-resistant compounds help increase productivity and operating hours by preventing downtime due to tire damage.

The low-profile design and reinforced beads offer improved stability and longer tire life, while the square-shaped shoulders eject gravel to reduce the risk of punctures.

The new 875/65 R 29 L-5 tire joins the existing 17.5 R 25, 20.5 R 25, 23.5 R 25, 29.5 R 29, 35/65 R 29 and 35/65 R 33. BKT states that the range offers more than 20 different tires for the OTR sector, with choices for a variety of applications, surfaces and machinery.

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