Westport to supply LPG fuel systems for Euro 7 vehicles

By Mike Brezonick07 December 2022

Westport Fuel Systems Inc., the global supplier of alternative fuel systems technologies, said it has been awarded a program to develop and supply liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems to an unspecified global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to accommodate a number of its Euro 7 vehicle platforms. The deal is forecasted to generate €40 million in annual revenue with production expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025.

Westport LPG system Westport will supply LPG fuel systems for a global vehicle manufacturer’s Euro 7 vehicles. (Photo: Westport Fuel Systems)

Earlier this year, Westport was awarded a €38 million program to support this same OEM with LPG system solutions for its Euro 6 vehicle applications. In this new program, Westport will provide fuel systems solutions for the OEM’s Euro 7 applications, supplying the entire LPG system from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors.

“We are pleased to continue supplying this industry-leading OEM by supporting its mission to meet both Euro 6 and Euro 7 application requirements to help ensure cleaner vehicles and improved air quality for European communities,” said Westport CEO David M. Johnson. “Our proven solutions provide the growing global market with affordable, clean transportation that optimizes overall vehicle performance and efficiency.”

LPG and bio-LPG, also known as propane or autogas, is a low-emissions alternative fuel used to power light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. LPG-fueled vehicles are a cost-competitive low-emissions alternative to vehicles that use gasoline (petrol) or diesel and LPG-fueled vehicles are permitted to drive in emissions-restricted traffic zones in Europe.

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