Volvo Unveils New Diesels

By pdamon22 March 2016

At an event today at its facility in Hagerstown, Md., Volvo Trucks unveiled several new and updated engines as well as a new version of its I-Shift transmission and a new one-box exhaust aftertreatment system.

The company introduced its 13 L D13 diesel engine (right) with turbo compounding, which it said can deliver as much as a 6.5% improvement in fuel efficiency when compared to the 2014 model year D13.

Targeted for availability in mid-2017, the turbo compounding technology on the D13 recovers waste heat and transfers it back to the engine as usable power — as much as 50 additional hp, Volvo Trucks said. The engine is targeted for use in sleeper cabs that see a lot of time cruising at highway speeds, a duty cycle that is more conducive to efficiency.

Other updates to the standard D13 engine include a new wave piston, which Volvo said is designed to improve flame propagation and reduce soot while increasing cylinder efficiency. This, along with a high-pressure common rail fuel system and assembled camshaft, contributes to a 2.5% improvement in fuel efficiency, Volvo Trucks said. The 455 hp engine will also see an increase in torque to 1850 lb.ft., the company said. This improved standard D13 is scheduled for availability in October.

Volvo Trucks also announced updates to its D11 diesel (left), which include the wave piston and common rail fuel system seen in the D13. As a result, fuel efficiency for the 11 L engine has been improved 2.2%, the company said. The D11 engine also offers a two-piece valve cover and shimless rockers, both of which contribute to improved engine serviceability, according to Volvo Trucks. Engine power has been increased to 425 hp and 1550 lb.ft. of torque, the company said. Production of the new D11 engine is slated to begin in January 2017.

Volvo Trucks also launched its I-Shift automated manual transmission (AMT) with crawler gears (right). Designed for both vocational and highway truck customers, the I-Shift with crawler gears will be available in two versions: one with 14 forward gears, a low crawler gear with a 19.38:1 gear ratio and an ultralow crawler gear with a 32.04:1 gear ratio that Volvo Trucks said can operate down to 0.6 mph with a 3.58:1 rear axle ratio; and one with 13 forward gears and one low crawler gear with a 17.54:1 ratio. Both are designed to ensure startability for heavy-haul trucks and slow speed and maneuverability for applications such as concrete mixers with curb-pouring capability, the company said.

Finally, Volvo Trucks introduced a one-box exhaust aftertreatment system (left) that offers the diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) doser in a single unit. The new configuration results in better thermal performance, a weight reduction of about 17 lb. and additional frame rail space for packaging flexibility, the company said. The new aftertreatment system will be standard on the D11- and D13-equipped powertrains.

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