Visa joins Giro D’Italia again

By Roberta Prandi17 May 2022

Visa Spa will be once again sponsor of Giro d ‘Italia 2022 – the international cycling competition - as official technical supplier.

Onis Visa gen-sets will be supplied for all 21 stages of the cycling competition. They are two units with 100 kVA power output, using an FPT Industrial diesel engine and Stamford alternator; and one unit with 60 kVA again using FPT Industrial engine and Stamford alternator.

Visa's gen-sets for cycling competition Giro D'Italia 2022

All unit feature an automatic control panel and are designed to operate in parallel with each other.

Visa explained that these engines and alternators are very reliable and are frequently used by Visa for applications that require high performances.

Visa added that the gen-sets are equipped with emission-compliant engines with diesel particulate filters and grant low acoustic emissions thanks to special enclosures.

The gen-sets power many different structures that need energy during the whole event: from the finish line, to the scoreboard, the lights, the time clocks, the press rooms and the podium during the award ceremony.

“We are very proud to support one of the most appreciated and exciting sporting and social events not only for our country but all over the world, creating at the same time a strong relationship with the territory in which we operate,” said Lorenzo Barro, Visa Spa’s president.

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