Tweel Now Factory Option For Case

By Mike Brezonick04 January 2018

Michelin North America announced that its 10N16.5 and 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL airless radial tires are now a factory-approved/supplied option for Case skid-steer loaders. The single unit SSL tire is available as an original equipment (OE) option on all Case skid-steer loader models in 2018.

First introduced in 2012, the Tweel is an airless tire and wheel assembly that consists of a semi-rigid shear beam around the circumference that is connected to the wheel hub by a series of high-strength, poly resin spokes. The wheel load hangs from the top of the unit and the shear beam acts as a flexible mechanical spring, all of which results in reduced contact pressure and improved operator comfort, Michelin said. In addition, the airless design eliminates any issues with tire leaks, unsealed beads or blowouts, the company said.

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