Trojan Battery introduces new AES battery for AWPs, material handling

By Riley Simpson01 February 2023

Trojan AGM batteries used in aerial platforms. Trojan AGM batteries used in aerial platforms will be on display at the company’s booth at the 2023 ARA Rental Show

Trojan Battery Company has developed a new Advanced Energy Storage (AES) Battery for mobile equipment applications.

The new AES battery, which will be unveiled at the upcoming 2023 ARA Rental Show this month, targets aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, floorcare machines, golf vehicles and other applications.

“Trojan’s AES Battery lets rental houses, floor-cleaning professionals, and facilities maintenance and warehouse managers maximize productivity and slash their total cost of ownership,” said Matt Herr, senior product manager for Motive. “And it enables OEMs and Master Distributors to improve and differentiate their products, boost profits, and enjoy supply-chain security thanks to our global manufacturing sites.”

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The AES is a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery that combines high output with two times the life of a standard

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery (2500 cycles for the AES vs. 1200 cycles for AGM), according to Trojan.

Though traditional AGM batteries must be fully recharged after each cycle to prevent corrosion, sulfation and early failure, the AES Battery has DCS Technology and a proprietary additive to work in a partial state of charge without damage while preserving both the negative active material and the positive material.

Trojan, which is based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., said the new battery also performs well in extreme deep-cycle or challenging environments.

Also at Trojan’s booth 1481 at the ARA Rental Show will be the company’s full portfolio of deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, AGM, gel, lithium-ion batteries and AES batteries.

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