Scania introduces new heavy-duty gearboxes

By Julian Buckley02 June 2023

Scania HD gearbox Scania HD gearbox (Photo: Scania)

Scania has introduced two new additions for its G25CM and G33CM gearbox ranges. The G25CH and G33CH are both heavy-duty alternatives intended for mining and heavy-haulage vehicles operating in rough terrain.

The new variants feature a sturdier planetary gear to help the prop shaft withstand the high torque of demanding conditions. But despite the robust nature of the units, Scania notes that the gearboxes still retain smooth operation and high fuel efficiency. The latter is supported through only having two synchronisers, which reduces internal friction.

“By adding these options, we are making it even clearer that our XT range and our mining offering mean serious business,” said Stefan Dorski, senior vice president and head of Scania Trucks. “Their ability to deal with the kind of challenges trucks in heavy-duty operations are facing will make a difference regarding uptime and R&M cost for customers.”

The first in the latest G-series automated gearboxes were introduced in 2020. From the outset, they were described as offering fast gear shifting, plus due to an aluminium case and smaller dimensions they were 60 kg lighter. Wide gear ratios, together with rear axle gearing, supports full torque delivery at low engine speeds.

According to Scania, heavy-duty trucks with high gross weights typically use 6x4 rear bogie axles with short gearing (3:5:1 and higher). Short gearing, in combination with hub reduction axles, is suitable for use in hilly conditions or where there is high rolling resistance.

The OEM states the new gearboxes can deliver an optimised balance between rear axle gearing and actual operation, allowing trucks to have faster gearing while still supporting heavy haulage situations.

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