Scania hybrid engine powers airport fire truck

By Becky Schultz21 March 2023

A hybrid solution from Scania is being used to power airport fire trucks offered by specialty vehicle supplier Albert Ziegler GmbH. The diesel-electric system is designed to cut crash site response time that exceeds strict aviation industry requirements while lowering vehicle emissions, Scania stated.

Scania diesel-electric hybrid powers airport fire truck The hybrid system is matched with the new Titan T-39 6x6 HYBRIDdrive airport fire truck chassis. (Photo: Scania)

The turn-key solution includes the battery, E-machine, combustion engine and all related components, enabling the vehicle to operate in zero-emission or hybrid mode. It consists of a DC16 386 16.4 L, V8 diesel engine rated 566 kW (770 hp) and a Scania electric powertrain featuring a 104-kWh lithium-ion battery rated 230 kW continuous/280 kW peak output.

The system is paired with the new T-39 6x6 HYBRIDdrive airport fire truck chassis from German chassis manufacturer Titan Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH, Scania’s first customer for this configuration for airport fire trucks. The combination delivers a total maximum output of 846 kW (1150 hp), enabling a higher acceleration time for this vehicle type.

The vehicle is able to run various daily operations in electric mode. When an emergency situation arises or extra power is needed, the vehicle engages the combustion engine to add extra torque and to boost acceleration, achieving acceleration levels from 0 to 80 km/h. For further emissions reduction capability, the combustion engine is HVO approved.

According to Tommy Johnson, Scania global key account manager, the decreased emissions and improved vehicle characteristics of the airport fire truck stem from the company’s experience as a truck and bus manufacturer and the technologies and insights developed on the company’s electrification journey.

“We have leveraged on the technology developed for our trucks and buses,” he said, “to develop a complete offering that suits this kind of vehicle really well.”

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