Sage Oil Vac integrates storage tank line

Sage Oil Vac Inc. is ramping up its production of mobile lube equipment with the integration of storage tanks designed and built by Amarillo Tanks. The tanks are now being used on the majority of Sage Oil Vac’s mobile lube equipment makes and models.

Sage Oil Vac mobile lube equipment with Amarillo Tanks Amarillo Tanks’ storage tanks are now being used on the majority of Sage Oil Vac’s mobile lube equipment makes and models. (Photo: Sage Oil Vac)

Sage Oil Vac acquired the Willborn Tank and Manufacturing line of fuel storage tank line in spring of 2021. It then formed a new company, Amarillo Tanks, based in Amarillo, Texas, to support its mobile lube equipment business and provide onsite storage tanks for a variety of materials and applications. Amarillo Tanks absorbed former Willborn Tank team members into its fold to retain top talent, ensure a smooth operational transition and minimize acquisition stress.

According to Aaron Sage, CEO of Sage Oil Vac, the integration of the Amarillo Tank product line into the company’s mobile lube equipment products allows it to have more direction over the manufacturing process. “This acquisition gives us control over the quality and design of the workhorse of the Sage Oil Vac product offering,” he said. “We also gain efficiencies, which is important when much of the market is facing supply chain issues. This investment helps us meet the demands of our customers’ current and future needs.”

Amarillo Tanks continues to provide standalone fuel and oil tanks, fuel trailers, irrigation valve box enclosures, fuel fill-spill containment units, water catchment systems and livestock/wildlife tanks to customers. Its round and rectangular tanks meet UL 142 Aboveground Flammable Liquid code requirements. In addition, the company has the ability to produce double-walled tanks for specialty applications.

“The sky is the limit with this acquisition, and I am confident Amarillo Tanks will take our capabilities to the next level with ample tank supply resources for Sage and endless customization opportunities for our customers,” Sage said.

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