Rota showcases tough-duty transducers at IFPE

By Mike Brezonick12 March 2023

At IFPE, Rota Engineering is showcasing its LL series transducers, designed for ultra-robust environments where monitoring by standard, in-cylinder position transducers is undesirable or simply not an option.

Rota LL series transducer Rota Engineering’s LL series transducers. (Photo: Rota Engineering)

First developed in 2019, the LL series shares the same technology as Rota’s established internal LA series. It may be mounted directly to the machine or can mirror the pin-to-pin dimension of the cylinder which requires monitoring. That flexibility, the company said, means finding suitable mounting points is easier and integration costs are lower as there are no cylinder machining costs.

Rota said it can also tailor the open and closed transducer body centers to match existing machine or cylinder geometry.

By virtue of its design the LL series is also field-replaceable, the company said, which can reduce machine downtime, associated repair costs and loss of productivity. Available to suit many stroke lengths, in current, voltage and digital output signals, key features of Rota’s LL series include high vibration ratings, IP69K open face M12 and Deutsch connectors, a broad operating temperature range and an velocity option available in CANbus systems.

See Rota Engineering at IFPE booth S-81907

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