Production Begins On Liebherr-Kamaz Diesel

By Mike Brezonick16 January 2018


In 2014, Liebherr and Russian vehicle manufacturer Kamaz signed an agreement to develop new inline diesel engines. Now, nearly three years later, production has begun on the new Kamaz 910.10 diesel at Kamaz’ Kama River engine production plant in Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Initial engine assembly began in December and the production lines are currently working in start-up mode. The official launch will follow at the Kamaz’ engine production plant in March.

“Our companies have been cooperating for many years, starting from the moment of the development of production facilities for Kamaz gearboxes,” said Willi Liebherr, president of the Liebherr Group. “Therefore, it is a particular pleasure to be present at birth of a new engine, which is the direct result of the mutual hard work of the developers and engineers.”

The new six-cylinder inline engine has a displacement of 12 L and is equipped with a common rail injection system and electronic controls developed by Liebherr. With ratings of 402 to 697 hp (300 to 520 kW), the engine complies with Euro 5 emissions standards and provides sufficient capacity to comply with Euro 6 standards in the future, Liebherr said. The engines will be used on the Kamaz K5 new generation trucks, planned for production in 2019.

“In order to produce the most advanced range of Kamaz vehicles an innovative approach behind our projects was required”, said Kamaz’ General Director, Sergey Kogogin. “We are striving to optimize our product for customers and to enter new markets.

“The new powerful and reliable engines, which are based on advanced global technologies and created in collaboration with our partner Liebherr, who has extensive experience in development and manufacturing of engines for difficult climatic and operational conditions, will allow us to significantly improve the technical and consumer-oriented characteristics of vehicles and to build trucks that are safer for people and the environment.”

The new assembly lines at the Kamaz facility are designed to produce 12,000 units a year and the new engine project so far created 150 new positions at Naberezhnye Chelny.

More details will be included in an upcoming edition of Diesel Progress International.

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