Parker offers leak-free thermal relief valve option

By Becky Schultz29 November 2022

Parker Hannifin’s Bestobell thermal relief valve is available in stainless steel and with optional integrated A-Lok two ferrule connections. (Photo: Parker Hannifin)

Parker Hannifin now offers its Bestobell thermal relief valve (TRV) in stainless steel and with the option of 12mm integrated A-Lok two ferrule connections for leak-free performance in a variety of industrial gas applications.

The Bestobell TRV is a compact cryogenic relief valve designed to prevent damage to piping and equipment caused by the expansion of liquefied gases by relieving the over-pressure in a piping system of fluid due to a rise in temperature, Parker explained. The use of materials specifically suited to this purpose ensure the valve will not stick in its seat even when left unused for long periods of time. The valve also reseats correctly after venting off the expanding fluid, preventing the waste of cryogenic gases.

The available A-Lok fittings use an advanced two ferrule system for reliability and ease of assembly and disassembly without special tooling. The design ensures all make and remake motion is transmitted axially to the tubing with no radial movement to stress the tubing, said Parker, ensuring its mechanical integrity is not compromised.

The fittings also benefit from Suparcase technology, a proprietary chemical hardening process for the treatment of ASTM 316 stainless steel ferrules that enhances the corrosion resistance of the fitting.

According to Olga Krasilnikova, product manager - Instrumentation Products Division Europe, combining the stainless steel TRV with A-Lok connections completely eliminates the need for taper threads, PTFE tape and thread sealant, “saving the customer assembly time and ultimately cost.”

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