NSK Self-Lube bearings designed for harsh conditions

By Julian Buckley08 November 2021

Self-Lube bearings Self-Lube bearings are ideal for applications where components face exposure to dust and water contamination

NSK has introduced its Self-Lube bearings, engineered for use in the harsh conditions found in quarries, mines and on construction sites.

The German company says the bearing units feature a triple seal and end cap protectors which reduces any risk of dirt penetration and helps to extend the service life of the components.

The Self-Lube bearings also have a bonded protective outer steel pressing, secured to the outer ring. This moulded, one-piece nitrile seal has three lips to ensure reduced ingress of dirt and debris.

Standard components also have a locating groove to support easy fitting of the optional end cap protector, which can reduce ingress and also protect workers.

In addition, the sealed units can also withstand shock, vibration and heavy loads. As such the bearing units help to minimise downtime and achieve performance targets.

There is a broad portfolio of Self-Lube bearings intended to support a range of inserts and housings.

Triple seal on the Self-Lube bearings unit
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