Nine Microturbines For European Manufacturers

By Mike Brezonick29 October 2020

Capstone Turbine Corp. announced an order for nine C65 microturbines for a European manufacturer of retail and industrial batteries and an automotive paint supplier. E-quad Power Systems, Capstone’s exclusive distributor in Germany and Luxembourg, secured the orders, which are expected to be commissioned in early 2021. The order marks the 32nd C65 microturbine order for Germany in the last six months, Capstone said.

“It’s great to continue to get significant product orders despite the recent surge in COVID-19 cases globally, on top of our recent preliminary financial results indicating that Capstone generated positive cash from operations in the most recent quarter,” said Darren Jamison, president and chief executive officer of Capstone Turbine. “These 32 orders in the last six months have propelled E-quad to become our third largest distributor over the last twelve months.”

Destined for a manufacturing facility in Ellwangen, Germany, the first order for eight C65 microturbines will be installed at a battery power manufacturing plant specializing in a wide range of consumer and industrial products and applications automotive, medical, and electrochemical storage. Together, the microturbine array will be installed in a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) application that provides 520 kW of electricity and allows for the capture of exhaust energy for heating and cooling.

The second order for a C65 microturbine will be installed at an industrial paint manufacturing plant located in Velbert, Germany. The high-pressure natural gas-fueled microturbine will be used to reduce energy costs and help lower plant CO2 emissions.

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