Next! Now Deere Signs Engine Deal With Liebherr

By pdamon08 February 2017

A Liebherr engine. John Deere Power Systems and Liebherr Machines Bulle SA have agreed to a technical agreement for developing and producing future power needs for each company.


John Deere Power Systems and Liebherr Machines Bulle SA have announced an agreement to jointly evaluate engine technologies, designs, and development processes that may be useful for developing and producing future power needs of each company. Deere was very careful to note that this is primarily a technical agreement as the two companies said the collaboration will be targeted towards specific horsepower and displacement ranges.

This continues a very active time for Liebherr.  Late last year the company unveiled a new range of large diesels to power a new line of Kohler Power generator sets. That same week, Liebherr and Deutz AG announced a tentative joint development effort on smaller output diesels.

“John Deere Power Systems and Liebherr are both world-class engine designers and manufacturers who have a long history of successful interactions with each other,” said Mike Weinert, John Deere Power Systems vice president responsible for engine engineering and manufacturing.

“Because of the capabilities each brings, and the long-standing, positive working relationship, it makes sense for our two companies to join technical (emphasis from Deere) efforts in areas of engine technology and architectures, component sourcing strategies, and best practices related to engine development and manufacture.”

“Markets and customer needs are always evolving, meaning the engines that our respective companies need must also change,” said Rudolf Ellensohn, managing director at Liebherr Machines Bulle SA responsible for the business unit diesel engines. “This collaboration between John Deere Power Systems and Liebherr enables the two companies to gain leverage in numerous areas such as pooling engineering resources, tooling costs, and supplier development.”

Both partners also indicated they expected the collaboration to accelerate the time from engine concept to first production on any particular engine project.

John Deere Power Systems and Liebherr produce engines for powering John Deere and Liebherr equipment, as well as machines manufactured by other equipment manufacturers. Potential engine(s), and other output associated with this collaboration are not being detailed at this time; separate announcements are expected to occur, as appropriate.

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