Next Generation Channel Flow Exo Air Filters

By pdamon13 July 2016

Baldwin Filters, a brand of Clarcor Engine Mobile Group, recently introduced Channel Flow Exo, the next generation of its Channel Flow air filter line. Channel Flow Exo air filters combine the fluted media design of Channel Flow air filters with new, proprietary technology, resulting in a compact air filter that allows for design flexibility while being durable and efficient, Baldwin said.

The filter design utilizes patent-pending reinforcement techniques to ensure the media remains securely in place and undamaged and protects the engine throughout the life cycle of the filter, the company said. It also allows for more media surface area, accurate and secure installation and rugged protection, Baldwin said.

In initial efficiency tests, the company said that Channel Flow Exo outperformed the competition by a wide margin. Further testing proved that over the filter’s life, the design met or exceeded the original equipment and surpassed other aftermarket filters, Baldwin said. Other tests demonstrated the air filter’s structural integrity. The Channel Flow Exo consistently survived extreme conditions with no signs of damage or media distortion, the company said.

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