New product launches from Linde

By Julian Buckley25 October 2022

Linde Hydraulics, which has its headquarters in Aschaffenburg, Germany (near Frankfurt), has introduced a series of new product range additions at the Bauma 2022 trade fair.

New launches include the VT4 modular manifold valve plates which support a hydraulic fluid flow rate of 400 litres per minute. Also, the company has introduced the new HPR 249-02 self-regulating pump which uses an open-circuit design capable of delivering up to 249 cubic centimetres of fluid per cycle/engine revolution. Linde has further introduced the EPM 132 LL 150 asynchronous electric motor which is paired with an internal gear motor (in this case, EIPS2).

VT4 modular valve pump VT4 modular valve pump (Photo: DPI)

Speaking with Diesel Progress International in an interview at Bauma 2022, Dr Matthias Schreiber, CEO of Linde Hydraulics, said: “The VT4, for example, is intended to support fast movement of heavy loads. It’s a scaled-down version of an existing block, but it retains its modularity. Slightly lower flow, slightly less heavy-duty, but still suitable for large-scale construction equipment.”

Turning to the HPR 249-02, Schreiber said that the new unit features a revised exterior which has reduced its overall size. This smaller size means that the pump requires less space onboard the vehicle, which will open the unit up to a wider number of applications.

“All these new products are intended for demanding, heavy-duty applications,” noted Schreiber. “If it’s a basic [vehicle] movement, that’s not our home turf.”

HPR 249-02 self-regulating pump HPR 249-02 self-regulating pump (Photo: DPI)

Linde Hydraulics manufactures all related products to support individual customer requests, covering a broad range of power delivery solutions.

“What ends up in the vehicle is always a unique solution,” said Schreiber. “We apply those solutions in OEM off-highway vehicles to turn power into motion. That’s the core of our business.”

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