New load sense relief valve

By Mike Brezonick13 April 2021

Eaton has developed sectional load sense relief valve (LSRV) for its CLS mobile hydraulic control valve. The new valve targets a range of mobile machines with swing and clamp functions, such as forestry equipment, excavators and backhoes.

Eaton CLS valve with LSRV

The patented LSRV is designed to limit individual section pressure through feed oil reduction, eliminating the need for inefficient work port reliefs for feed-side pressure control. The CLS LSRV improves machine productivity and efficiency by helping prevent functions from slowing down during multi-section actuation and by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and heat generation, the company said.

The CLS LSRV enables the use of full available inlet flow to maintain functionality during multi-section actuation and limits pressure by reducing feed oil flow, rather than dumping the flow to the tank. Once the LSRV stops oil flow when a function reaches a specific pressure, which can be lower than maximum system pressure, that flow is available to other sections at full system pressure. This helps prevent machine functions from slowing down when multiple sections are operating at once, Eaton said.

Eaton’s CLS valves are available with rated inlet flows of 39.6 gpm (150 lpm) or 58.1 gpm (220 lpm) with inlet pressures up to 5076 psi (350 bar).

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