New Generation FleetForce Telematics System

By Mike Brezonick22 July 2020

New Holland Construction Equipment has launched the next generation of its FleetForce telematics platform with an all-new dashboard, more intuitive navigation and new overview sections designed to spotlight critical information without requiring the user to search extensively for the data. FleetForce is offered as factory fit or by aftermarket kits, with subscription plans of one to five years and two different data coverage options, New Holland said.

FleetForce complies with the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) 2.0 telematics standard, ensuring that the solution is compatible with mixed fleets, the company said.

“Telematics data from construction equipment only helps if it’s easy to engage with and easy to understand when it’s presented to you,” said Luke Zerby, precision marketing manager for New Holland North America. “The new FleetForce telematics platform presents users with a high level of critical data on a very clear and intuitive dashboard and then puts all critical machine and performance data within just a click or two, whether you’re at your desk or on your tablet in the field.”

The new dashboard includes a horizontal menu at the top of the screen above five widgets that focus on core operating information such as an equipment summary, equipment search, fuel level reports and alarm status. A dropdown menu renders critical reports on factors such as equipment utilization, fuel consumption and maintenance a click away and topline menu buttons take users immediately to fleet and maintenance overviews. Additional reports highlighting specific alerts and fault codes are also available.

For a smooth transition, New Holland Construction has made it possible for a short period to switch from the new FleetForce version to the previous one with a dedicated icon in the top right corner. The switch is meant to simplify the adoption of the new interface and to reassure regular users.

Making Machines More Efficient

FleetForce telematics help fleets of all sizes work more efficiently in many ways, including:

● Simplified fleet management: Users can always know where each machine is, what its working status is and if maintenance or service is required.

● Understanding equipment utilization: Knowing when and how equipment is being used can improve profitability/total cost of ownership for the equipment you already own and help the user make smarter equipment buying/renting decisions.

● Analyzing workload and productivity: Telematics gives fleet managers and business owners excellent perspective into how equipment is operating, and whether they are getting the most out of their equipment and crew on each project.

● Real-time alerts/alarms: Fleet managers and business owners receive alerts in real time to make them aware of machine conditions that require attention such as oil change intervals, high engine temperatures or machines moving outside of a geofenced area.

● Improved billing and estimating: FleetForce provides users with an accurate historical view into the amount of time/hours each machine is used on each job, which can proactively help on bidding and estimating, the company said.

● Improve record keeping and analysis: New Holland said the reporting menu in FleetForce presents users with data in a way that is intuitive and brings actionable data to the forefront for more intelligent business decision making and management.

● Equipment security: Telematics can be used to help locate stolen equipment.

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