New Gas Generator Sets From Caterpillar Energy Solutions

By Mike Brezonick09 November 2017

Caterpillar Energy Solutions has launched a new line of gaseous-fueled generator sets targeting distributed energy applications. The new MWM TCG 3016/Cat CG132B series gen-sets are available in ratings from 400 to 800 kWh and offer the highest efficiency in their category — up to 43.5% electrical efficiency when operating on natural gas — Caterpillar said. In combined heat and power applications, the overall efficiency can reach as high as 90%, the company said.

Caterpillar said a number of measures have been implemented to make the new series more robust. For example, the generator is now flanged to the gas engine and the vibration decoupling now takes place directly between the components and the base frame, which the company said reduces setup costs. An optimized combustion also reduces stresses on key components, which Caterpillar said makes the unit more robust with high availability.

Oil consumption has been reduced to less than 0.1 g/kWhel, Cat said, resulting in longer oil change intervals. The operating period until the general overhaul has been stretched significantly, from 64,000 to 80,000 operating hours for natural gas applications.

The new gen-sets are also equipped with Caterpillar’s new Total Plant & Energy Management (TPEM) fully integrated digital power plant control system. The system, which can be customized to specific needs and the individual application case, replaces the previous control system to deliver improved efficiency and flexibility, the company said.

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Caterpillar Energy Solutions markets gas engine generator sets under the Cat and MWM brands.


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