New electric mower factory for Mean Green

08 December 2022

Mean Green, one of the pioneers in developing battery-powered, commercial-grade turf care equipment and a subsidiary of Generac, announced the opening of a new facility in Hamilton, Ohio to meet the growing interest and demand for electric-powered, zero-turn mowers. The new facility, located in Butler County, is approximately 10 miles from the company’s existing operations in Ross, Ohio.

Mean Green electric mower Mean Green has opened a new facility for the production of electric mowers and accessories. (Photo: Mean Green)

The new 100,000 sq. ft. facility will focus on manufacturing Mean Green’s ride-on and stand-on electric mowers and accessories. Production is already underway, with more than 30 jobs added with the new opening and plans to hire more than a dozen additional team members by the end of 2022.

“As consumers focus on the electrification of everything in their lives, the lawn has not been overlooked,” said Matt Bieber, president of Chore Products for Generac. “Mean Green Mowers has led the charge for cleaner, environmentally friendly, commercial-grade mowing solutions since our start in 2009, and we’re excited to further expand our operation and continue supporting our customers with quality commercial-grade products that deliver electric power that lasts all day.”

Mean Green said the expansion supports the trend of the lawn and landscape market to focus on heavy-duty, electric-powered equipment. The Hamilton facility will manufacture the full line of Mean Green products, including the new Nemesis zero-turn mower, which the company said can cut up to five acres on a full charge and offers the power equivalent of a 28 hp gas mower.

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