New alternator from Mecc Alte

By Ian Cameron10 June 2021

Model suited for standby or prime power

Mecc Alte has announce the introduction of the new ECP4 C-Type model alternator.

The company said the ECP4 C-Type 18 and 20kVA alternators are technically advanced to suit power generation applications. Whether standby or prime power, this alternator is equipped to suit the demands of the market that requires cost effective solutions without any compromise on performance, according to Mecc Alte.

They feature 12 wire stator output leads, allowing reconfiguration of voltages to suit the usual worldwide requirements: 50/60Hz capable. A damper cage is included which, the company said, means that any distorted loads and 1phase loads do not create a problem. With parallel capability from standard, together with the damper cage and 12 wire reconnectable there is maximum flexibility for any application, said Mecc Alte.

Mecc Alte has announce the introduction of the new ECP4 C-Type model alternator.

They are fitted with a digital AVR that ensures an accurate voltage regulation and provides alarm history.

The company said that its industrial range has the advantage of the Mecc Alte MAUX (Mecc Alte Auxiliary Winding Power Boost System) which can provide 300% forced current for 20 seconds as standard. This enables the company’s alternators to take transient overload ability much higher than its nominal rating allowing smaller selections to be made in sizing for specific loads (motor starting).

The C-Type Series represents a completely new approach to design, both inside and out, that brings various advances and benefits to customers and end users, said Mecc Alte.

Paolo Carraro, commercial director, Mecc Alte said: “It was a great challenge to design a competitive range without compromising performance. The ECP4 represents a new generation of alternators in the C-Type family; smartly designed to achieve the same performance that Mecc Alte always proposed to our customers and built to last in the most varied applications.”

This extension to the C-Type range will further strengthen Mecc Alte’s market leading range of alternators, the company added.

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