N.A. Diesel Engine Database

By Mike Osenga22 January 2020

Rhein Associates Inc. announced the availability of its Future of Diesel Engines: Five Year Forecast, 28th Edition and corresponding North American (USMCA) Diesel Engine Production Database. Both reports offer immediate delivery available.

The Future of Diesel Engines report is a review of North American diesel engine production by application – and can be considered the trends, intuition, and assumptions behind the five year forecast database.

The forecast book is designed to be an informative primer for the diesel engine markets, as well as a source of the latest published and inside information on the industry. The Future of Diesel Engines is used in the vehicle, equipment, engine, powertrain, component and financial businesses.

The statistics used in the report are U.S., Canada & Mexico diesel engine production. Production may be commercially consumed in North America, used in government equipment / vehicles, or exported directly to OEM’s or users.

The diesel engine applications analyzed include:

  • On-Highway: Diesels used to propel trucks, buses & coaches
  • Light-duty, Medium-duty, Heavy-duty
  • Off-Highway: Diesels used to propel off-road equipment
  • Industrial: Diesels used to power stationary off-road equipment
  • Gen Set: Diesels used to produce electric power for all industries
  • Marine: Diesels used to propel boats/ships
  • Agriculture: Diesels used to propel tractors, combines and harvesters
  • Automotive: Diesels used to propel cars and car-based SUV’s, etc.

Each of these diesel engine production applications is defined in detail in the body of the report and is analyzed by history, trends, indicators, horsepower range, major players, and forecast. The five-year forecast book also has summary tables by application and engine manufacturer for each of the ten years.

N.A. Diesel Engine Production Database

Rhein Associates Inc. maintains a historical and forecast database for diesel engine production in North America. This database is the main source for The Future of Diesel Engines report and is sold separately. Our diesel engine production data goes back to 1982, although this report covers the 2014 to 2024, with 2018 as the base year.

The N.A. Diesel Engine database includes 10-year unit volumes by application, manufacturer, model, horsepower, rpm, number of cylinders, configuration, aspiration, capacity, bore, stroke, and block material. The database, in Excel format, will be emailed upon order, and include a free copy of The Future of Diesel Engines report.

For more information:

Rhein Associates, Inc.

Website: www.rheinreport.com

Email: jwelsch@rheinassociates.com; tomrhein@rheinreport.com

Telephone: 734-451-7615

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