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By Mike Brezonick16 November 2017


Whether it’s new products, new applications or new business announcements, more is coming from Tier 1 suppliers at the Agritechnica show in Hanover, Germany.

ZF Friedrichshafen announced a strategic cooperation with ZAPI, an Italy-based manufacturer of electric motors, inverters, and related components. According to the agreement, the two components will combine expertise and product offering for hybrid and pure electric drive systems. More information is available here.

Continental is making a big return to the agricultural tire market with a new product line. The special ag tires incorporate the company’s N.flex technology with a new base material and new bead design utilizing a single piece of steel wire with a hard-rubber rim strip covering the whole bead.

Comer Industries announced that its PGA 1702 planetary drive has been chosen by Dutch company Peeters Landbouwmachines B.V. (Peeters) for its new feed mixer, the  Peecon Biga Lowliner Future – a two-auger vertical feed mixer. The new machines are designed to offer a low center of gravity and incorporate a single axle and single-mounted, integrated wheels.

Comer’s new PGA 1702 planetary drive has a suspended planetary carrier system, new power transmission connection elements and long-life grease filling to the grease chamber designed to avoid external piping for lubrication of the output bearing and extend the maintenance period for re-greasing to 5000 working hours.

Italian steering system specialist Ognibene presented its new Hybrid Steer by Wire system, compliant with major public road regulations and ready for applications with autonomous driving, the company said.

Linde Hydraulics publicly debuted its new range of bent-axis hydraulic motors. The CMV and CMF motors are designed to succeed the company’s existing BMV bent-axis motors.

Linde Hydraulics officially debuted its new range of bent-axis hydraulic motors. The CMV and CMF motors are designed to succeed the BMV bent-axis motors that Linde first introduced to the market in the early 1960s. The new motors complement the Linde Hydraulic swashplate motors offered in a range of displacement from 55 to 280 cc. For more information, see the November-December issue of Diesel Progress International.

There are significant investments going on at Oerlikon Drive Systems and the company also announced the launch of a new syncronizer that utilizes a tangential activation system provided by a sub-system composed of a roller, spring and plastic casing. The Compact Slotless Syncronizer (CSS) offers up to 25% wider friction surfaces within the same package size, compared to a standard solution, the company said, and it can also be installed on larger shafts, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Mann+Hummel presented an interesting solution for air filter status monitoring.

Mann+Hummel’s new Senzit system is designed to work in conjunction with an app to allow for mobile monitoring of air filter status.

Senzit is a compact device incorporating sensors that can be connected to the filter’s service port, with a retrofit kit offered if a port is not available. The system works in conjunction with an app for mobile devices and allows for monitoring of air filter status. It is also possible to monitor the operating time of the engine and the vehicle’s positioning. It can store up to two days of data if cellular connection is not available, the company said.

Senzit is already available in the U.S., where it is sold under the Wix Filter brand. In Europe it will be available on the market from mid-2018 as a Mann Filter product.

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